HAWAII ENERGY'S - energy advantage program


Does Your Business Qualify?

1. The electric utility billing rate schedule must be "G", or

2. The small business is on a master-metered** electric utility account with a total space under 5,000 sq. ft., or

3. A restaurant.


How Do I Start?

Then, Our Team Will Take Three Steps:

Assess - First, one of our lighting professionals will visit your business for a free assessment of your existing lighting. We will then provide a written contract for your review and signature, which will include provisions such as liability, insurance and warranty.

Order - Once the assessment is complete, our team will order the correct energy-efficient LED lighting that will suit your aesthetic needs.

Install - Your new LED lighting will be installed at your convenience.

Visit Hawaii Energy's website for more information. You'll find Koo Electric as a preferred contractor for their 'Small Business Direct Lighting Install Program'.


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